Foosball Table Parts And Accessories – Detailed Overview

Foosball table parts and accessories

Foosball, also known as table soccer, is a popular indoor game that simulates the sport of soccer on a smaller scale. Foosball table parts and accessories work together to create a fun and engaging game experience. Understanding these components can help you maintain your foosball table and make informed decisions when purchasing or replacing parts.

Foosball tables have been a popular game for decades and the accessories and parts that help keep them running can be just as important. For those looking to maintain or upgrade their foosball table, Foosball Table Parts And Accessories are the ultimate guides. Here you will find information on the different types of parts and accessories that are available, how to select and purchase them, as well as tips on how to ensure your foosball table remains in top condition.


Foosball table parts and accessories(rods)

The rods are the long, slender bars that extend out from the foosball table and are used to control the players on the field. The rods can be divided into three categories: control rods, goalies, and center rods. Control rods are used to move the rows of players, goalies are used to controlling the goalkeepers, and center rods are used to spin the ball.

The most important part of the foosball table is its rods: these are what allow players to control the players on the field. Foosball rods come in different sizes, materials, and styles depending on your preferences and budget. They are typically made of metal or composite materials and come in different diameters and finishes.

The length of the rod also affects gameplay, with shorter lengths offering faster speed while longer lengths provide more accuracy. Depending on your level of play, you may want to opt for steel-reinforced rods for extra stability during intense matches.


Foosball table parts and accessories(players)

The players, also known as foosmen, are small figurines attached to the rods that are used to hit the ball. \Some foosmen have movable parts, such as arms and legs, while others are fixed in place. Players are also the most important component for a successful game of foosball. Quality players will provide smooth movement, improve accuracy and speed up play.

Foosball tables come with players attached, but if you’re looking to upgrade or replace them, there are several options available such as traditional men made from wood or plastic, robotic men with enhanced grip for better control over the ball, or even custom-designed figures that make playing that much more fun!


Foosball table parts and accessories(Ball)

The ball, also known as the foosball, is a small, spherical object that is hit back and forth during the game. Ball is an important element of any foosball table. It is essential to having a great game and ensuring that the players are able to control their rods and move them in order to score goals. Without a good quality ball, players cannot rely on the same accuracy when striking or rolling the ball towards their opponent’s goal. With so many types of balls available for foosball tables, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your game.

When shopping for a new ball or replacing worn-out ones, look out for features such as material, size, weight and color. It is usually made of a hard, durable material such as plastic or rubber and is designed to withstand the impact of the game. Balls made from hard plastic have less friction than softer materials like rubber, making them ideal for high speed shots and quicker action.

The right size ball is important to ensure smooth gameplay. Foosball balls usually range in size from 36mm to 50mm in diameter and come in both solid colors and patterns. Some manufacturers also make specialty balls with materials like rubber or cork for improved grip that help improve playability on certain foosball tables.

Table / Playing Field:

The table is the main structure that holds all the other parts and accessories in place. It is usually made of wood or composite materials and features a smooth, flat surface for the ball to roll on. The table may also have additional features, such as built-in scoring systems or cup holders.

The basic components of a foosball table include a playing field. The playing field is usually made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). It is important that the pitch surface does not warp, as it affects gameplay. The playing field is one of the most important elements of your foosball table. It should be made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear so that it can withstand years of play.

The size of the playing field will depend on the type and size of your table, but generally, they measure about 56 inches long by 31 inches wide with 8 rows with 8 holes each for the players’ figures.


The handles, also known as grips or knobs, are the parts that you hold onto while playing the game. They are usually made of rubber or another non-slip material and are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. When it comes to foosball table handles, there is a variety of options to choose from.

From traditional wooden handles to ergonomic soft-grip foam handles, you can find what suits best for your needs. High-quality foosball table handles offer a better grip and help provide more control over movement during the game. They reduce fatigue when playing for long periods and help you make higher-precision shots with ease. Many foosball tables feature screw-on handle caps that are easy to replace if needed; however, some models have molded handles that require the replacement of the entire part if broken or damaged.


The bearings are small, circular components that are used to reduce friction and allow the rods to rotate smoothly. They are typically made of metal or composite materials and are placed between the rods and the table. Bearings are an essential part of the foosball table, as they allow for smoother gameplay and increased accuracy.

The bearings keep the rods steady so that the players can move freely when playing. When looking for foosball table bearings, it’s important to find ones that are made of quality materials such as steel or aluminum. Cheaper materials won’t last as long and will likely cause damage over time. Additionally, look for bearings that come with lubrication so you don’t have to worry about maintaining them regularly. It is also important to get the right bearing size to ensure optimal performance on your foosball table.


The feet, also known as leg levelers, are the parts that support the table and keep it stable during the game. The feet of the foosball table provide support, stability, and balance. They are typically made from hard rubber or steel, with rubber being much more common for beginner-level tables.

The feet also help cushion and protect the playing surface from dings and scratches during intense games. Most foosball tables have adjustable height legs that allow players to adjust the playing surface for optimal playability.


Foosball table parts and accessories(scorekeeper )

A scorekeeper is a device, either manual or electronic, that is used to keep track of the score during the game. It may be built into the table or be a separate accessory that can be placed on top of the table. Scorekeepers are an easy and helpful way to not only keep track of who’s ahead but also keep games moving at a decent pace.

A good scorekeeper should be adjustable so that it can fit onto any size table as well as have large numbers on the display so they’re easily visible from anywhere in the room.


A foosball table cover is a protective accessory that is used to cover the table when it is not in use. It is usually made of durable material, such as canvas or polyester, and is designed to protect the table from dust, dirt, and other debris.

Conclusion: Foosball Table Parts And Accessories

In conclusion, a foosball table consists of several parts and accessories that work together to create a fun and engaging game experience. Understanding these components can help you maintain your table and make informed decisions when purchasing or replacing parts. Foosball tables have become a staple in many homes and businesses. With the proper parts and accessories, these popular tables can add fun to any game room.

From replacement rods and bearings to score counters, customizing options are virtually limitless. Foosball tables are a great way to bring friends together for an exciting game. Whether you’re looking for personal use or commercial options, there are parts and accessories available that will fit your style and budget.

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